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The Environmental Prescription.™

The national leader in innovative environmental remediation solutions since 2001.

Feedback Optimized Continuous Injection System (FOCIS)Welcome to EN Rx and Environmental Innovation Like No Other.
Contaminated soil and groundwater can present a number of problems for businesses and communities. EN Rx offers innovative environmental assessment and remediation systems, wells and reagents that are powerful, sustainable, less intrusive and more effective in eliminating contamination from the subsurface. Simply, we are your trusted source for cleaning up your contaminated site worldwide.

The EN Rx Difference

Our environmental remediation solutions are simple, efficient and safe – but more than anything, they are truly one-of-a-kind and tailored to the challenges of your unique project.

Feedback Optimized Continuous Injection System (FOCIS)Why?
The EN Rx team has spent years in the industry working with issues associated with environmental assessment and remediation. As a result, the technology we developed specifically targets these issues with solutions that are unlike any others available.

Our Vertebrae™ and FOCIS™ products have taken subsurface assessment and remediation to a whole new level. Combined, these synergistic systems can complete any size task in a cost-effective and safe way.

Contact us today and let our innovative solutions work for you.

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Smart, Industry-Leading Solutions.

As one of the country’s leading environmental remediation solutions companies, we pride ourselves on performance and results. We care about the results we achieve, and we consider ourselves a solutions company that provides much more than just systems. We make it our business to understand every specific challenge of your project to ensure that we engineer a clean, safe and sustainable solution.

Our services go beyond those of a typical product sales company. We listen to our customers’ needs and stay intimately involved in the design and ultimate success of every project. We stand behind our products and believe in their performance and offer performance based contracts. This belief is backed by our thorough quality control processes, which ensure that our products are the right fit for our customers and their distinct needs.

Better for Your Business. Better for the Environment.

We developed superior products and advanced technologies that can be customized to provide solutions for a variety of issues – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It all starts with the EN Rx Vertebrae ™, a state-of-the-art well that has endless functions and capabilities. From assessment to remediation, this well is like no other technology on the market.

The EN Rx solution extends beyond Vertebrae ™ with FOCIS ™ and VECTOR ™.

A cleaner, safer environment begins with EN Rx. Contact us today and let our innovative solutions work for you.

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