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Feedback Optimized Continuous Injection System

One Platform. Outstanding Versatility.

EN Rx FOCIS is capable of being used as a passive or active treatment platform.
Most remediation technologies could be categorized into a dichotomy – either passive or aggressive. Slow technologies such as pump and treat, bio augmentation and air sparging/soil vapor extraction and dual phase extraction could be considered passive, based on the time it takes to clean up sites. Chemical oxidants are generally more aggressive. Furthermore, sites often use multiple technologies, passive and aggressive, to complete the remediation.

The patent-pending FOCIS is a platform for injection that allows simple adjustments to change the aggressiveness of the application and can even be used in reverse to provide extraction capabilities. The FOCIS unit is solar powered and web controlled and allows the use of all these technologies:FOCUS Feedback Optimized Continuous Injection System

  • Aerobic Biological Treatment
    • Oxygen, Substrates, Surfactants and Microbials
  • Anaerobic Biological Treatment
    • Hydrogen, Substrates, Surfactants and Microbials
  • Chemical Oxidation
    • EN Rx Reagent
  • Chemical Reduction
    • Reductive De-Chlorination and Metals Stabilization

Injection Chemicals

  • EN Rx Reagents - Powerful
    • 1,4 Dioxane, DDT, BAPs
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Bio/DO enhancement
  • Microbes, Nutrients
    • Bio Augmentation
  • Surfactants
  • Others with a Focus on Safety

Best of all, FOCIS is cost-effective even with aggressive treatment, limiting labor with automation and reducing footprint with simplicity. Easy to set up these system are deployed and shipped in various countries worldwide.

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