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Higher Recovery.

Better Feedback.

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Powerfully Efficient. Simply Effective.

Vector Micro Vacuum Extraction SystemVECTOR offers micro vacuum extraction with several benefits that increase efficiency over traditional extraction technologies.

VECTOR is designed to work seamlessly with Vertebrae ™, where desorbed, higher concentrated, contaminated multi-phase extractions occur along the proper plane. VECTOR can be utilized for fuels near the top of the water table and conversely for contaminants more dense than water located near a confining layer.

Unlike traditional techniques that overpower and create preferential pathways, VECTOR engages micro-extraction techniques to dramatically increase efficiency by working through natural lithological pathways. This allows natural desorption kinetics to take place, which is more efficient.

We often combine FOCIS and VECTOR to produce synergistic effects.

Higher Recovery.
FOCIS disrupts the equilibrium and allows additional hydrocarbon recovery that improves efficiency. VECTOR gives us the ability to extract free product or desorbed higher-concentrated contaminated groundwater during injection due to the disruption of equilibrium at the site. FOCIS destroys residual unrecoverable contaminants. Extracted water can be treated with activated carbon and/or EN Rx’s Reagent™ for injection-saving resources.

Better Feedback.
The extraction of vapor and groundwater provides real-time data collection, allowing the injection to be adjusted if needed. EN Rx can collect CO, CO2 and O2 vapor criteria as well as groundwater quality data, such as DO, ORP and pH. Combining vapor data with groundwater data gives a clearer picture of subsurface conditions. This allows EN Rx to know where oxidation is occurring and the relative reaction strength. This information can be combined with FOCIS ™, where extended injection time results in better efficiency. This information allows EN Rx to focus on recalcitrant areas and the feedback optimizes the injection-increasing efficiency by minimizing oxidant usage.

Thriving in Difficult Situations.
VECTOR gives us the ability to design treatments for more difficult situations. Sites that have structures or lithologies that render alternate technologies useless allow this technology to thrive. Constituent loads that would typically be in excess of oxidant capabilities become achievable.

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