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One Installation. Limitless Potential.

EN Rx Vertebrae™ - "The nested well set turned on its side" providing Absolute Assessment and Complete Coverage. 

Fills in data gaps for assessment, offers more screened section and provides individual control for treatment – without disrupting your business!

The unique, patent-pending Vertebrae well system gives EN Rx the capability to install horizontal wells for assessment and remediation – at a lower cost. Unlike other horizontal wells, Vertebrae can be installed quickly and allow up to 18 wells to be installed in a single Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) bore hole. Truly discrete sampling allows impressive improvement in characterization and eliminate data gaps.

Installing these wells from outside buildings or away from fueling components and other obstacles helps eliminate business disruptions, while providing trenching to the sampling or system location. The wells allow sampling (see below SOP link) and create a solution to reaching previously inaccessible contamination. 

VECTOR™ can be used seamlessly with Vertebrae™ where desorbed higher concentrated contaminated multi-phase extractions occur along the proper plane.

Vertebrae Benefits

  • No Business Disruption
  • Complete Plume Access
  • No more Data Gaps
  • Access Under Buildings and Under Tanks and Much More
  • Higher Screen to Plume Contact Ratio
  • Better Contact, Higher Flows, Better Treatment
  • No Daylighting and Short Circuiting
  • No Trenching
  • Cost Effective

Horizontal wells allow more well screen and better contact with the plume – with the addition of Vertebrae, we have added precise, individual control through well screens of 3 to 50 feet in length. In many cases, these wells decrease cost because they eliminate costly trenching and vaulting.

Vertebrae wells are taking the globe by storm, shipped worldwide and teaming with drillers in various countries around the globe.

Click here to download the FDEP sampling procedures (SOP)

Click here to download our Battelle Poster Presentation on Vertebrae sampling.

Click here to download more information on sampling with Vertebrae.

Click here to download more information on treatment with Vertebrae.

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