Case Studies

Case Study EC14 Support Platform used to Target Hidden Mass

Case Study EC15 ISCO Using Synergist-D Gets Closure

Case Study ER07 Support Platform vs DPT Cost Comparison

Case Study VC2 Vertebrae System of AS _ SVE reaches closure in record time in CO

Case Study VC3 NFA using Vertebrae and Synergist-D

Case Study VC4 Sampling Confirmation

Case Study VC5 High Resolution Site Characterization using Vertebrae

Case Study VC7 Vertebrae used as AS Curtain in Difficult Lithology

Case Study VC8-Vertebrae implemented for Biosparging

Case Study VC10 Using Vertebrae for Risk Management

Case Study VC15 Horizontal _ Vertical Performance Comparison

Case Study VC17 Vertebrae Wells used for AS _ SVE System in FL

Case Study VC18 Vertebrae used for Performance Monitoring


Vertebrae Micro for Small Sites

Vertebrae Well Construction Specifications

Case Study VC19 Horizontal ROI