Leak Detection

Energy companies spend an incredible amount of money in exploration and development; therefore, the loss of sellable product can be costly, coupled with the much more costly environmental cleanup adds insult to injury. 

Leaks/spills are a major challenge for the oil and gas industry. They happen daily and vary in size and scope, therefore the two critical issues that must be considered are financial loss of sellable product and the potential environmental impact.

Impact of oil leaks and spills

Historically, oil leak/spill incidents have caused injury, death, environmental catastrophe, and trillions of dollars in property damage/losses. Consequently, the early detection of losses that create environmental impacts are a priority. Addressing remote tank infrastructure requires an effective, affordable solution.

The Vertebrae™ Solution

All methods of leak detection currently in use are centered on loss of sellable product. Vertebrae™ Wells are uniquely suited for the task of providing early detection of losses that create an environmental issue, therefore allowing self-indemnification through hard data collection.  Vertebrae™  can be retrofitted under existing tanks or employed pre-construction.