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Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ Ultra-HRSC Facilitates Faster Remediation at Lower Cost 

Too many environmental sites cannot be cleaned up over the course of years or decades. This is because remediation efforts are typically designed using low data density conceptual site models (CSMs) which are inaccurate and/or incomplete. The Aestus GeoTrax CSM+™ process for conceptual site model development combines our proprietary Aestus GeoTrax Survey™ non-invasive subsurface scanning technology and Aestus GeoTrax Viz™ data integration and 3D visualization. The scanning work provides precise drilling targets in highly impacted or other zones of interest. These integrated data sets are used to generate ultra-high data density 3D conceptual site models which better identify complex contaminant distribution, zones of bioactivity, and impacts to surface water and sediments, as well as providing further insight on hydrogeology and contaminant flow paths.

Aestus appreciates EN Rx’s similar focus on assessment, filling data gaps, and transforming CSMs to facilitate a focused path to site closure. Developing robust and data rich CSMs (via targeted horizontal and vertical drilling) allow our mutual clients to make better technical and business decisions, which
facilitates more rapid site closure at lower cost.

Optima Analytics

Optima Analytics is a professional consulting firm dedicated to helping our clients maximize the value of their capital projects, minimize the cost of  environmental remediation projects and increase the efficiency of ongoing operations. We specialize in the use of applied business analytics to identify optimum strategies and advanced project management processes to ensure efficient implementation.

We provide analytics for the future. Rather than simply drawing on databases to understand what has happened; we use advanced quantitative methods to assist our clients with evaluating future plans and select those projects and strategies that provide the highest financial returns. Once the projects/strategies have been selected; we use advanced project management methods to ensure that strategic plans are implemented as efficiently as possible and that intended outcomes are achieved. Simply stated our mission is “Optimum Strategies, Efficient Implementation!”


Cost-efficient and effective site cleanup requires a well developed conceptual site model based on accurate high-resolution information. COLUMBIA Technologies is an industry leader in developing conceptual site models with the accuracy critical to the precise installation of the EN Rx Vertebrae™ Well Systems (VWS). We are also proud to represent EN Rx and the VWS Technology in Latin America and Africa. 

It takes the skilled application of science and technology, data best practices, engineering expertise, and collaborative teamwork to achieve the best outcome in monetizing an environmentally challenged real property asset. That is why, since 1999, organizations worldwide have counted on COLUMBIA Technologies to provide high-value information assets that help site managers reduce the risk, uncertainty, and costs of contaminated site cleanup and remediation.

Groundswell Technologies

Groundswell Technologies has partnered with Hartman Environmental Geoscience in providing Engineering Services to deliver the industry’s first cost-effective near real-time vapor intrusion monitoring and response solution – VaporSafe TM . VaporSafe TM immediately identifies trends, encroachment/entry points, cause-and-effect correlations with controlling factors, indoor sources and determines whether mitigation options are required or if a reading was due to a foreign source brought into the location. False negative and false positive results are eliminated. As such, VaporSafe TM is ideal for risk assessment, mitigation confirmation and adaptive remediation strategies. The solution enables response in minutes (not days or weeks), is competitively priced, and enables rapid resolution to critical questions in a single deployment.



Our expertise is in filling data gaps and delivering treatment reagents with nested, segmented well systems. We take site assessment and treatment to a new level by overcoming access issues, transforming Site Conceptual Models and facilitating paths to site resolution or closure.



SP is a self-contained, solar-powered, remotely operating and communications-ready device that facilitates site assessment and remediation. It is programmable for pulling gas/water samples for analysis or, used in reverse can inject reagents to effect treatment.



A unique ISCO product that is a mixture of a proprietary inorganic reagent and hydrogen peroxide. EN Rx Reagent simultaneously activates the peroxide and stabilizes the exotherm– literally it is a unique, slow release free radical generator with a longevity several months.


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