Horizontal Nested, Segmented Horizontal Well Technology


Next Generation Advancement
Vertebrae™ Well Systems, represent a next generation advancement in site assessment and remediation practices. Our expertise on the assessment side is in filling data gaps, often in conjunction with overcoming access issues, and transforming Site Conceptual Models and paths to site resolution. On the remediation side, we can use Vertebrae as a gas/liquid extraction modality and/or delivering treatment reagents.  It is a lower cost and easier to manage horizontal well system that can compete effectively with an array of vertical wells that can also go beyond the kind of information vertical well systems produce.

Site Conceptual Models
By overcoming access issues and/or, being able to go up “the spine (ie., the vertebrae) of the plume”, Site Conceptual Models can be significantly enhanced and, on a case by case basis, there can be significant economic advantages.

Nested, Discrete Horizontal Profiling
Vertebrae brings great accuracy to assessment and provides more directed treatment operations, assessment and treatment, with a unique flexibility feature that adds a dimension to the management of dynamic systems.

A Variety of Applications
A number of applications exist beyond conventional assessment and remediation such as vapor intrusion (VI)VI mitigation and leak detection under infrastructure such as tank farms holding petroleum produces or produced water.

Why Vertebrae™?

Single horizontal units are very susceptible to preferential flow path influences.

Nested Wells Avoid These Complications:

Nested wells are discrete, using grout-based isolation, but still communicate.

Nested Wells Offer These Advantages:

Reduced Investigation Costs

Reduced Treatment Costs

More Extensive Investigation Potential



Other Unique Benefits Include:

 Works around physical limitations of the built environment and natural terrain

 Reduces interference with overhead obstructions

Avoids disruption to of ongoing commercial activities

Overcomes issues with neighboring properties vis a vis access

Overcomes security issues as might be found in industrial and military settings

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