Horizontal Nested Well Technology


Next Generation Advancement
Vertebrae™ Well Systems, represent a next generation advancement in site assessment and remediation practices; where needed, site access issues can be overcome.

Site Conceptual Models
Site Conceptual Models can be significantly enhanced and, on a case by case basis, there can be significant economic advantages.

Nested, Discrete Horizontal Profiling
Vertebrae brings great accuracy to assessment and provides more directed treatment operations with a unique flexibility feature to manage dynamic systems.

A Variety of Applications
A number of applications exist beyond conventional assessment and remediation such as VI mitigation and leak detection.

Why Vertebrae™?

Single horizontal units are very susceptible to preferential flow path influences.

Nested Wells Avoid These Complications:

Nested wells are discrete, using grout-based isolation, but still communicate.

Assessment and treatment becomes independent of preferential flow.

Nested Wells Offer These Advantages:

Reduced Investigation Costs

Reduced Treatment Costs

More extensive investigation potential



Other Unique Benefits Include:

Reduces interference with overhead obstructions and subsurface infrastructure/utilities

Avoids disruption to above-ground activities and commerce

Works around physical limitations of the built environment and natural terrain