Comparative Economic Risk Analysis

Directional drilling has been used for a variety of purposes; utilities, dewatering, and remedial activities. Cutting costs for remedial activities it is always of consideration. What the costs are to clean-up a site via traditional vertical extraction wells versus using a horizontal well system needs to be reconsidered based upon todays remedial challenges. Traditionally, it has been stated that a single horizontal well is worth 3-11 vertical wells.

We evaluated the cost of implementing a Vertebrae™ horizontal nested well system versus vertical wells at a small site and a large site.

Because of the large number of site variabilities and cost uncertainties, we applied a Monte Carlo, or “random walk” simulation, to generate probability distributions for each case.

The following graphics represent two examples of what we call the Horizontal to Vertical Ratio Model of H2VR Model.  As can be seen, the larger the site the greater the advantage of a horizontal well application.

Click here to go to the following expanded explanation of how the model works (H2V Ratio Model) and how we can assist you in running it for your site.

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