Site Assessment And Remediation

Site Assessment

Vertebrae™ Well SystemsTM (VWS) address data gaps generated by conventional vertical well assessment. VWS is adaptable to be used for the extraction of both gases and liquid sampling.

The need for accurate site assessment cannot be overemphasized, as it is not practical to begin a journey without a proper road map.

The use of nested, segmented horizontal wells allows the creation of new and unique Conceptual Site Models, which is invaluable as it clearly drives success.

Best of all, Vertebrae™ Well Systems “hit from both sides of the plate” in that after assessment they can function as a reagent delivery mechanism for remediation.

Site Remediation

Remediation can be a function of direct removal of contaminants or may involve the injection of reagents to address the problem.  

For direct contaminant removal, VWS can be used to perform SVE or sparging operations (AS/SVE Case Study – VC2).   

Injection modalities address the use of reagents that drive oxidative and/or reductive contaminant remediation (VC3).  This may involve the performance of ISCO or ISCR processes by direct chemical attack, with the use of substrates that support microbial oxidation and/or reduction.  

The nested segmented configuration allows the engineer to maximize efficiency by adapting to plume dynamics.

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