Technical Summary

Well Construction Specifications

Vertebrae™ well segments (screens or wells) are composed of unique materials that allow pre-fabrication and flexibility and are Patent Pending. The well materials perform similar or better than traditional well materials. For instance, our well screens are generally 1-inch nominal but are have nearly a 60-slot opening. This equates to 5 sq in per foot open area, which is 7 times that of 3 inch longitudinally slotted screen and 3 times more than 1 inch 10 slot well screen. The wells are covered in a geotextile providing the optimum multipurpose design, although the custom design allows for alternative screen covering when necessary.

Common Screen Specifications
Standard Sizes
TypeOpen AreaUnitNote
3″ Longitudinal Slots0.72sqin/ftrestrictive
1″ Standard 10 Slot Wells1.71sqin/ft
2″ Standard 10 Slot Wells2.51sqin/ft
Vertebrae 1″ Screens5.0sqin/ft2 to 7 times the open area
We also design with 1.25, 1.5- and 2-inch nominal segments for custom installation. In many instances we have realized these larger screens sizes were unnecessary due to the excellent characteristics of the 1-inch Vertebrae segments. Risers or conveyance tubing is composed of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) tubing. This tubing is durable, flexible, chemical resistant to most COCs and reagents as well as ozone. The rated pressures are similar to the sch 40 piping commonly used in the industry. Commonly used sizes are below. In some instances, alternative tubing is available.
HDPE Common Vertebrae Sizes
Standard SizesWorking Pressure
I.D. SizesO.D. SizesUsePSI@73 degrees F
3/81/2Sampling / Injection / BS151
5/83/4Sampling / Injection / AS / VI123
7/81VI / AS / LE (P&T)90
11-1/4Vapor Extraction152
1-1/41-1/2Vapor Extraction124
1-1/21-3/4Vapor Extraction105

Bio Sparging (BS) / Vapor Intrusion (VI) / Air Sparging (AS) / Liquid Extraction (LE) / Vapor Extraction (VE)

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