EN Rx Reagent™
A Unique Approach to In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO)

Announcing A New EN Rx Reagent™

EN Rx Reagent is safer and more cost effective than other oxidants for the following reasons.  This is a short synopsis, with further details posted elsewhere in this Section of the Site.


EN Rx Reagent is Safer with Superior Stability

EN Rx Reagent uses a proprietary inorganic compound to activate a commodity chemical (hydrogen peroxide) to offer the most oxidant potential at the lowest cost.  More than just being activated, a unique feature is that it is simultaneously activated and stabilized – such that it literally forms a slow release hydrogen peroxide-based generation of the desired free radicals. This stabilization is a significant advantage for these reasons.

  • It lasts longer in the subsurface to contact the contaminants of concern.
  • By spreading the exotherm over a much long period of time, virtually no temperature rise occurs.
  • The stability facilitates the mixing and pumping of reagent to the receptors in one easy step.
  • It allows more time for slower injection which eliminates wasteful daylighting and is safer.
  • Similarly, this property limits vapor locking and is less impactful on equipment.

Also, a significant benefit to be noted, the activator is clean resulting in no impurities being left behind., which in some cases can interfere with secondary biological activity.


EN Rx Reagent is Cost Effective with More Potency

As mentioned above EN Rx Reagent offers more potency than other oxidants. EN Rx reagent is over 7 times more potent than sodium persulfate on a weight basis. This is also due to the fact that our activator is only needed at 2.5% by weight and to hydrogen peroxide versus multiples of that for other activators.  Also, hydrogen peroxide is a commodity chemical and brings cost advantages to bear in that regard as well.  Hydrogen Peroxide is the least expensive form of oxidant to purchase.  Due to the special nature of the activator, EN Rx Reagent is about three times more per pound, but when the 7X efficiency is factored in the net benefit is that EN Rx Reagent has a 2.5X net cost advantage. In other words, one needs $2.50 of sodium persulfate to be as effective as $1.00 of EN Rx Reagent.   If that was not enough, it is a little-known fact that persulfate has the same free radicals as a reaction endpoint as hydrogen peroxide, making it an inefficient carrier of the chemistry that matters.

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