Our Team

Erik R. Piatt
Erik R. Piatt is the Founder and CEO of EN Rx incorporated in 2001 and also served as the Chief Technical Officer for the first 15 years. Under the direction of Mr. Piatt, EN Rx has developed multiple products for the environmental industry. The current flagship product is the Vertebrae™ Segmented Horizontal Well Systems, capable of providing a unique approach to site assessment and remediation with multiple environmental management applications. In addition, Erik co-developed the EN Rx Support Package (SP)™ for site assessment and reagent injections and EN Rx Reagent. Mr. Piatt is a Service-Disabled Veteran having served in Desert Storm as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps and has completed most of the requirements for a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

Dr. Stephen Koenigsberg
Dr. Stephen Koenigsberg is the President of EN Rx and has over three decades of experience in the environmental industry, Steve is recognized for the development and application of innovative remediation protocols, authoring or co-authoring over 175 technical articles, four books and four international patents. In 1994 he co-founded Regenesis as VP R&D, before moving into senior consulting positions in 2006. Professional recognitions include a Lifetime Achievement Award from AEHS and a WSJ Technology Development Award. Dr. Koenigsberg, has been an Adjunct Professor for 35 years, including 18 at the California State University at Fullerton. He has a B.A. from CCNY and an M.S./Ph.D. from Cornell University.

Lance I. Robinson, P.E.
Lance I. Robinson, P.E., is the Chief Technology Officer of EN Rx and co-developed the Vertebrae™ Well Systems and the EN Rx Support Package (SP) technologies cites during his nine year tenure. Prior to EN Rx, Robinson worked for 14 years as a design and assessment engineer for various environmental consultants in the remediation industry. His experience spans projects in petroleum, pesticides, and solvent remediation, completing projects from inception through closure. Robinson graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

Eric Arenberg, M.S./P.G.
Eric Arenberg, B.S./M.S., is the Chief Operating Officer, providing project management and operations oversite for all products and services. Eric was instrumental in early deployments of Vertebrae TM Well Systems as part of a 30-year career. His project experience includes an extensive range of geologic investigation and remediation activities, involving all types of contamination, and in many private and government venues. His previous position was as a Senior Principal Geologist for Wood PLC, a Top 10 environmental firm. Mr. Arenberg graduated from the University of Florida with a BS/M.S. in Geology.

Wesley Wiley, P.G.
Wesley Wiley, P.G., is a Senior Geologist, providing a variety of design and implementation services for EN Rx. He has been with EN Rx for three years as part of a 30 year career where he had broad environmental management responsibilities, across several hundred sites, for a wide variety of energy and other clients, His primary role is leading project teams for site assessment and remediation. Mr. Wiley holds a B.S. in Geology and Stratigraphy from Missouri State University.

Alyssa Wharton, E.I.T.
Alyssa Wharton, E.I.T. is a Project Engineer for EN Rx, Inc. She has been with EN Rx for over 4 years helping clients design remedial systems using EN Rx products as well as serving in field operations. Her previous experience included a position as Staff Engineer for Geohazards, Inc., with activities ranging from environmental forensics to subsidence investigations. Ms. Wharton graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in 2013 in Environmental Engineering.

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Our expertise is in filling data gaps and delivering treatment reagents with nested, segmented well systems. We take site assessment and treatment to a new level by overcoming access issues, transforming Site Conceptual Models and facilitating paths to site resolution or closure.



SP is a self-contained, solar-powered, remotely operating and communications-ready device that facilitates site assessment and remediation. It is programmable for pulling gas/water samples for analysis or, used in reverse can inject reagents to effect treatment.



A unique ISCO product that is a mixture of a proprietary inorganic reagent and hydrogen peroxide. EN Rx Reagent simultaneously activates the peroxide and stabilizes the exotherm– literally it is a unique, slow release free radical generator with a longevity several months.